Sunday, January 4, 2009


When everything changes, when everyones gone, going down south, moving right along,
when the people I know aren't the people I knew, and the block that we wrote our names on
turns scribbled and blue, when my best friends distant, or I have moved, when people lie, and
people speak truth, maybe going back is what will save us.
When life throws curve balls, and snow never ever falls, when you look on myspace and see old friends, realizing what might have been,
when nobody stays in one place anymore, so far away from the place we once were,
when on those nights we ran in converse, ran taking pictures, walked as teenagers, walked together,
when today is now or today is never, when Ive got a couple of dollars, when you know your family misses it too, when I ride that train, I'm gunna ride it back to you.
when I see our names I'm gunna write them all again, when newcomers come I'm gunna tell them of our little sins,
change was my fear, change was my enemy, and I now find that it is a remedy,
for too much is dangerous, and too little is no good,
when everything changes, we're gunna make it how it should be. Tomorrow I'm gunna chill with people who don't compare,
the next day I'm gunna pretend that they are who I care about,
tomorrow your gunna say that things are better this way, that you love your new place, with your big house, and past mistakes, the next day your gunna dream and ponder on what life really means,
its all the same again, was it the same before? routines are harder to forget when you've left them on your old bedroom floor, things seem easy when you've done them so many times before.
and that's why change probably comes about, making life not repetitive, but leaving doubt,
theres always some kind of doubt.

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  1. Hey Lindsay,
    I saw your comment(thank you!) and came to check your blog out. I really like it. You should turn some posts into songs! So poetic I find.
    I will keep reading for sure.
    How's NYC?