Sunday, January 4, 2009

How we met

It was raining.
Only alittle bit, but it was raining.
My hair was straightened, so I was mad.
But I was happy that Id get to meet you.
So ignoring the rain I walked blocks from home to your house, who knew we lived this close.
I crossed the street, almost got hit.
It was rare, I kissed you as soon as I saw you.
I think I changed you.
I think I made you a better person, but I don't take so much credit,
because you changed me too.
Honey, I have grown.
Honey, we have lost touch.
Should I have been more observant?
Or kept on texting you?
Or gave all of myself into nothing?
No, I think maybe you just moved on.
Good, I know your bad for me anyways.
But, honestly, I still love you like I did yesterday.
I cling, and I hold on for dear life, and I don't let go easily.
Sorry if thats a bad thing.
I won't change myself.
I've changed alot already.
And if you can't see it then I guess Im just not transparent.
I read your comments.
I just got curious.
She said her name was ashley.
She looked as common as her name.
Well I doubt your with her.
But you might have had some fun.
Gosh I hope you didn't go back to your old ways.
Oh, remember that time I basically called you a slut and you got quite defensive,
well then again you use to play football, so I guess your good at defense.
Im clever, aren't I?
Well, you think your a man.
So, we're even.
I never meant to complicate things.
I never would've came into your life.
But if your thinking about me too, then you'll be glad that I did.
And, if your thinking about me too, then no goodbuys are nessacery.
Because if we think about eachother enough, we can think of the next time to see eachother.
I'm missing you, and all of your deception too.
Babe its amazing the things that love can do.

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