Tuesday, January 6, 2009


MaryJane was her name and she spoke of words that meant all the same things. She had a knife, she had a gun, she would pull the trigger if you pissed her off. She was blond but no stereotype could fit. She was smarter then a nerd and hotter then other chicks. She was well-rounded and stable grounded and had it all planned out ahead. She was eager to get out there, she was eager to regret. She smoked sometimes and was as blunt as the blunt that she held in her hand. She drank for fun and not to forget about all her past sins. She lived her life. I use to be like MaryJane. I use to walk on rainy days. I use to see the pretty sky for what it was. I never cried. But then you came. I use to tell you to your face when you were acting like an ass but then you always found a way to make me give in way too fast. I use to want you to live like me...unaware and not affected by life's cruelties. But then I met you, and you found a way to open up my big blue eyes and show me otherwise. You cut my name like from MaryJane to Jane and said it was much shorter, you cut my tides with all my friends and said they were too much older, but you need to grow up. You changed me like the change in seasons, when everything stays the same but new precipitation starts leaking. You broke me down and tore out fragments of my heart, which is basically my fault because I knew that you would do that from the start. I knew that this would happen but I don't even care. You honestly make me want to pull apart my hair. The truth is I'm walking in the city with bright lights shining and nothing to believe in except for our love. The saddest part is thats exactly what I gave up.

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