Thursday, January 29, 2009

pain before bliss

Nothing gets perfect, it just gets easier. Even when shit starts to hit rock bottom, we just get use to it...until eventually we can receive one ounce, one minute, or one moment of happiness. Pointblank, things seem to go wrong before they can turn good. And when its good, its really good. I think that's what makes me except all the evils in this world.
I can float for a thousand lifetimes on clouds in heaven but hells never far enough to remind me of reality. I can burn to ashes, peeled of flesh in hell...but heavens never far enough to lift me back up.
When my halo is shining above my pretty face, I've got horns in the back of my ass poking at my every mistake.
when I want to hurt someone and put them through misery, my brain tells me whats right and wrong and I contemplate the good in me.
As perfect as I can be is as dangerous as I am to myself, I am my own enemy, I am my own friend, I control my own honestly, I control my own sins.
In this life sometimes I will bleed, cry, and weep the tears to order to wake up in sunshine and feel a bliss full breath.
What goes around comes around, and what comes around is what you get.
When you feel like going asleep in darkness and never waking up, think about the six million other people who surround you in such lightness.
Though some are jerk offs and some are fake, some are true and some are great, you and me are ones that are needed.
And every mistake may take us closer to the solution.

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