Friday, January 16, 2009

Split Heart

My heart seperates into two peices like the cutting of a stake or the peeling of an orange. I lose the control I have and every ounce of urge tells me to grab whats in front of me. Your almost like my prized possesion and above all among whats mines is yours to make your own. I just want to look after you. I just want to make you understand exactly what it is you do to me, even though I can barely understand it myself. You never know what to say. You struggle to speak the emotions that you seek and its amazing how yet I would do anything to touch your flesh. I would do anything to lay in your arms no matter how many people tell me its wrong. There are six million people in this world, six million souls searching for answers, six million shattered, six million broken, six million healed, six million working, three million honest, three million truthfull, some that are older, some that are youthfull, some that don't see that beauty of your smile, and then there is me...who could stay for a while by your side. Lets lean on eachother because who knows when its all over. Lets pack away our bags and explore this place, because I don't know the next time I will see your face, I don't know that much of anything, I'm as smart as I am stupid, if one God is the only God then I am my own cupid. Your eyes tell a story of things I never seen, your nose smells the fragrace that lyes on my sleeve, your lips show kisses that feel like heaven is miles or inches away, but then there will be hell in the back of our minds. This past is a past in which we can never rewind. The time won't let me go, it just goes faster and faster reminding me that lifes shorter then we all know. And yet, I chose to seek noone else in a world filled with about six million people who share my same heartbeat and make my knees just as week. But, the truth is none of them can do what you do. They all seperate my heart into many more peices then you do. They all seperate my heart until theres nothing left. All I need is two peices, one for me and one to place inside your chest. I'm missing you hard and needing you bad. If there is no tommorow then at least theres always what we had.


  1. So powerful. I read all of your posts straight through - moving and brilliant.

  2. just want to agree with daisy above, really is brilliant! i am now a following your writting!