Friday, January 2, 2009

Why Tears Shed

I still think its better to turn away from you because your probably not the best thing for me. Your probably going to break me down like the little molecules that exist inside our stomachs, until nothing consumes me but the pain and you love it. And its so stange the way you think I don't know what your doing, but your just the same as the other humans that ruin it. And thats just a shame cause I know we could have pulled through it. Would I have been something you'd be good at? the first and only thing you wouldnt mess up? Babe dont lie to yourself, we both know your not the type of person that loves. But deep down there in the pit of your heart I saw a beat that matched mine. Heaven never competes with hell because hell has too much fire to water down. In other words I really can't find something that is already found. I cannot change who you are because your intentions are final. You know how they say what goes around comes around? Well its funny because I gave my love and it hasnt came back to you, must just be the bad shit. Im always going to see you and wonder what could have been. And your probably going to be through with her and think about me in the end. But this is the farewell to a ship that never even sailed, and you know Im no good at goodbuys. But the fact of the matter is I always knew someday you'd see me cry. The weekest part of me is that I don't want you to see how I truely need you, and the weekest part of you is that you don't want me to see how much you crave me too. If only we showed eachtoher. Im sorry if i made you feel the horror of a commitment, but just like that stoogie that you inhale, the drag last long enough for not even a witness. You can cough me up just like Im your first time and even spit me out cause you don't like the taste of my kind, just like I was nicotine, but burning me out on that ash trey just won't do, I can either be in your life or I can act like someone you never knew. Though everyone told me that I should turn away from you because you probably werent the best thing for me, does anyones word even matter in the end, you are there and I am here, on our own we start again. I cannot absorb my loss because I believe if its meant to happen then it will, and if at this exact moment you are believing that too you should be messaging my phone. They can make a strong enough pill to kill the pain of a bunch of broken bones, but not the heart. And thats why tears shed.

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