Friday, February 13, 2009

Life - Death & losing someone

How does it happen? One day just like any other day your sitting around with your best friend talking shit and asking each other hows it going to be when your both old and gray. And then the next day your young best friend is gone. They didn't get the chance to turn old and they can't talk shit anymore because their breath is silent and their words went out the door. And you keep thinking its all a dream until you start to see that a dream is only a dream and reality is the realist thing. You won't get pinched and wake back up and they won't be next to you. But the hardest part about it all is the constant thought if they ever really knew just how much you loved them. Not even angels are placed above them...your best friends. Don't let go of what you got, even your enemies die eventually and the guilt hits the spot.
Life Death Taxes Love Politics Change Staying Leaving Crying Deceiving Pain Bliss Heaven Hell Wanting Needing Lying Cheating Hearts pumping Blood bleeding...Life is just one huge mess of experience.

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  1. Your writing is always moving and so passionate x